CSI Diwali Dhamaka 2013 Program Submission Guidelines

Post date: Nov 09, 2013 3:5:6 PM

We would like to invite everyone to participate in the


CSI Diwali Dhamaka 2013


planned for  December 7th 2013 (Saturday)


at  Harrison High School auditorium, Evansville, IN



Please submit your proposal for programs to  tristatecsi@gmail.com  by November 25th 2013, Monday.


Any media (CD, Video or mp3) that you will be using for your program should be submitted by  December 1st 2013, Sunday 


Time Slots for program




Program Submission Guidelines:

1)  All submissions for stage performance to be received by  November 25th 2013, Monday.,   NO EXCEPTIONS. Please let us know your preferred time slots in priority order, TIME SLOTS are first come first serve, So please submit your programs & Media (MP3's) ASAP. 


 Program Submission format (the below is an example, not a real program submission):  



2) All media mp3, wma or CDs for dance performances or background music should  be legal copy i.e. please purchase your music and download legally. we ARE not accepting any low quality audio.


3) All media mp3, wma or CDs for dance performances or background music should be submitted by December 1st 2013, Sunday .  NO EXCEPTIONS.   We will reserve the right to cancel a program if we do not receive the media  by this date.  You can email your mp3's to  tristatecsi@gmail.com with your program name.


3) Group items will be given preference over solo performances except in the case where solo is needed e.g., sitar recital can be solo, most Bollywood dances should be groups.


4) We recommend programs such as skits, plays, etc. in addition to the songs and dances, so we can illustrate our cultural diversity.

5) In case of duplicate items submitted, preference will be given to the first submission.

6) Each program should be limited to less than 5 minutes, except in unique situations with larger groups, depending on the nature of the program (for instance, it will be difficult to have skits, dramas etc. in less than 5 minutes). Each such scenario will need to be detailed so the committee can make an informed decision.

7) We are hoping to have young adults and teens introduce the programs.  If you are interested in having your kids announce the programs (children 13 years of age or older), please let us know


8) CSI  Events committee will decide the FINAL program flow 


Thank you for all your help and support,


CSI committee