CSI Diwali Performance

Post date: Oct 04, 2017 4:17:21 PM

Hello Everyone, 

After a stupendous response to our Glow Garba 2017, it's time to gear up for our biggest event of the year - DIWALI 2017. It is going to be night of dance, music, food, fun and a lot of  masti.  We are inviting entries with talent in dancing, vocal, instrumental and /or any other skills. And as everyone gears up for their performances, here are few rules to keep in mind:

Only members can participate. Group leaders/ choreographers are responsible to make sure that each participant is a paid member. 

• This year we will also be accepting singing and instrumental entries but each participant will be limited to 1 song. 

• We also recommend programs such as skits, plays, etc. in addition to the songs and dances, so we can illustrate our cultural diversity.

• Each member will be able to participate in maximum of 2 items (this includes dancing and singing) 

• No solo performances/ entries will be accepted, with the exception of singing or instruments. 

• Maximum duration of each item is 5 mins, except in unique situations with larger groups, depending on the nature of the program (for instance, it will be difficult to have skits, dramas    etc in less than 5 minutes). Each such scenario will need to be detailed so the committee can make an informed decision.

• All media mp3, wma or CDs for dance performances or background music should be legal copy to have great entertainment i.e. please purchase your music and/or download  legally. We are not accepting any low quality audio.

• The last day for submission of entries is Oct 15th 2017. All media mp3, wma or CDs for dance performances or background music should be submitted by   Oct 25th 2017. No EXCEPTIONS.  We will reserve the right to cancel a program if we do not receive the media by this date. 

• Only first 20 entries can be accommodated due to restriction of time. Entries will be reserved on first come first basis. So please send your entries on time. 

• Participants/Group Leaders wishing to particpate please fill up the following google form.

  https://goo.gl/forms/ xR5zhQ1KXrDTjFbK2 

• After filling up the Google form, also mark an email to Meenakshi Arunachalam at meenakshi420@yahoo.com (+1 812-760-1582) and Amrita 

  Saha at  Amrita2004@gmail.com  (+1 402-881-2057). Please make sure that the email is marked to both of them. 

• Group leaders need to clearly mention their email ID and mobile number in the email. 

• CSI Events committee will decide the FINAL program flow.   

 Group leaders are responsible to make sure that all the above parameters are met by their team to ensure a smooth flow of event. 

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

We are looking forward to a year of memorable performances. 

 Thanks & Regards,

CSI Events Committee